Liam Alexander Crerar

 January 17, 2006 in Calgary, Alberta.


At three weeks old Liam had a pulmonary hemorrhage. He spent three weeks on life support and another three weeks in recovery before being released from the hospital healthy. As Liam grew, he progressed like any other child, until he started having seizures.


At 11 months old, after many tests and different medications, the seizures Liam was experiencing were finally under control. But with those tests came a diagnosis of a metabolic disorder, and the doctors said Liam would not live to his second birthday.


Despite such a devastating diagnosis, Liam still progressed and was a very happy little boy. He and his dad moved to Regina, Saskatchewan when he was one. He learned to crawl and was standing with help.

He went to a wonderful daycare called “Hope’s Home”, a daycare for children with disabilities. He loved it there.


When Liam was about a year and a half, his mommy Kami and two big sisters Abigail and Emerson came into his life, as well as a huge extended family who loved him very much. He had a lot of travels to Sherwood Park, Alberta where his mom and sisters were until he and his daddy eventually moved there.


Over the last few years of Liam’s life, he flourished. He attended the Strathcona Child Development Centre. Danielle, the owner of the centre, fit Liam into the fold perfectly. His one-on-one caregiver, Lillian had a wonderful relationship with him and they were very close. All of the caregivers and other children at the centre were very special to him.


Liam started school at Wes Hosford in the “REACH” program. He had to take the bus from daycare, which was one of his favourite things. He decided that school and daycare rocked. He wanted nothing to do with staying at home on the weekend.


Liam was doted on by his big sisters Abigail and Emerson. They played with him, read him books, and helped him in any way they could.


In 2010, a name was finally given to his disease. Liam had Leigh’s Disease.

Unfortunately, knowing the name of the disorder did not give him a more favourable prognosis. That November, Liam had hip surgery. He was in a cast and underwent physiotherapy for six weeks, and he did amazing.

He wasn’t able to regain his walking ability after the surgery, but after a while, he started to “commando crawl” as we called it, around the house. We called him our “little slug”, as he would drool and drag himself through the house, leaving a trail behind him.


In 2011, Liam took his family on a fantastic Make-A-Wish Foundation Disney cruise to the Bahamas.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip. He was able to meet Mickey Mouse. He was in awe of all the lights, and all of the new friends he met there.


Liam started a new school in the fall at Wesboro Elementary School in the “STEPS program”. He loved his classmates and his teachers.


In September 2012, Liam fell ill and spent six weeks in the Stollery Hospital at the University of Alberta.


When he was released, he spent his last few weeks at home surrounded by his loving family and was able to return to school and daycare. Liam passed away November 29, 2012 at the age of 6.


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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Canada

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